Five points to lookout for a perfect photoshoot location

One of the most important aspects of candid photography is choosing a suitable location. Your choice will drive all other decisions about the shoot, including what lighting and props to take, which clothes the subject should wear, and the most suitable poses to use. Shooting outside usually get much more interesting, engaging pictures by using your imagination and picking a more unusual candid location.

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1. Choose a place which adds a charm to your photographs

It's easy to choose a photoshoot location based on convenience. For example, if you are located near a park, it's easily accessible to you and it will be your default shooting location. But while this may look attractive, it's not always the best option. Remember that every place has a uniqueness, this is what makes them so interesting, and it's something you should try to capture in every picture you take. For example, choosing a golden hour in beaches is an important part of a beachside photo shoot. By using a location that means something to your subject, you'll get much more personal, meaningful and memorable photos. As a bonus, they're likely to feel calmer and relax, helping you capture more natural shots.

2. Utilize the natural light to maximum

Most professional candid photographers swear by natural lighting, and some refuse to shoot in anything else. If possible, choose a brightly lit location which offers ample amount of diffused, natural light. When shooting in the outdoor location it's important to avoid the direct sun as this produces very harsh shadows. Look for some light shade such as a tree or covered seating area, where the sunlight is softer and more flattering. Shoot in the morning or early evening when the sun isn't as strong. If you're shooting indoors, try to utilize the natural window lights, so that you can make the most of any available natural light. Depending on your budget and the equipment you have available you can complement this with some artificial lights (softbox or speed lights) if necessary.

3. Choose quiet locations which always work

Crowded places, like local beaches or busy public parks, are among the worst locations for a photo shoot. You'll be constantly waiting for people to move out of the frame and dealing with questions from passers-by, plus your subject will probably feel very self-conscious and struggle to relax. Finding a quiet, undisturbed location is not as difficult as it might seem. If you must shoot in a public place like a beach, get off the beaten track - by moving just a few hundred yards away you can usually find a spot where you and your subject can set up freely. Better still, avoid popular tourist attractions and head for remote places, beaches, grassy fields, and woodland. These all provide great backdrops for a photo session, and are often completely untouched, giving you free reign to move around and experiment with different poses and angles.

4. Don't let the location distract your subject

A pristine location is very important in candid photography or couple shoots, but always try to focus on the main subject, so don't let it overpower your scene. Keep an eye during your shoot, check the photos you've taken - if your eye is drawn more to the background than the subject, you're putting too much emphasis on the wrong thing. A simple technique is to use prime or wide angle lenses with maximum aperture and open it up wherever possible. Try to keep the background out of focus, preventing it from being too distracting, making a sense of depth in the scene, and drawing the viewer's eye to the main subject.

5. Set up near shelter to stay dry

If you choose an outdoor photo shoot location, there's always a chance that the weather will spoil the day. Sometimes you'll just have to take a chance and hope it stays dry, but try to have a plan B in case the weather turns bad. If the weather turns in no time you may even be able to move your whole photoshoot under cover. Look for a location which has some sort of shelter nearby, such as a bridge, shed, or cafe. In case of quick shower, these can be your lifesavers, helping you keep yourself, your equipment, and your subject dry - particularly important if they're paying! Choosing an effective photoshoot location takes time and thought, but it's something that you should always aim to get right. By doing so you'll be able to tell a story with your pictures and capture the essence of your subject's personality, resulting in much more engaging, personal photos.

Hire a Vacation Photographer for your Next Vacation in the Andaman Islands

Hiring a vacation photographer is a great idea, especially for those going away on honeymoon. A vacation photographer is 100% worth it to capture the most special vacation you will ever take, and have stunning images to look back on for many years to come.

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People travelling to holiday destinations are using their phones to take pictures. Some might have a proper camera but you have to find random people and ask them to press the shutter. Everytime you won’t be travelling with heavy equipments and various lenses for different types of shots. Fancy external flashes that light you up in just the right way to make you look stunning. Light modifiers and lots of other fancy stuff that you certainly cannot fit into your luggage!

Our team members are all from the location, so we know some of the best places in town to get the perfect shot for you. Not all people want the same style shot, you have the opportunity to get insider knowledge to the area and discover some location that you never knew existed.

I don’t know about you, but I am no model! I really have no idea how to make a photo look natural and candid. But with the guidance of your vacation photographer, you will be amazed at the outcome of the pics and how natural they are.

There were a few times during our shoot that we wanted to use certain things as props, or include people in our shots. The vacation photographer can ask the people in their own language and arrange few props during the shoot, and that’s how you end up with some unique shots you would never have got on your own.

Beautifully taken and edited photos. Lasting memories of your vacation. The key to a great photo is usually in the post editing. You don’t have to worry about anything, but just turning up. We take you around, take your shots, edit them up, and in around 7 days you’ll get a nice little email with all of the best photos. Easy!

Best Places for Photoshoot in the Andaman Islands

The islands are famous for its serene, white sandy beaches characterized by sparkling blue waters which makes this place perfect for photography.

Greenery, pristine water and the unpolluted air are what makes it special. Nature lovers and photographers throng this place, as there’s none like Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India. If you fly to these islands, we must warn you that you won’t feel like leaving it, ever.

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Wandoor Beach- Wandoor beach is famous amongst tourists and locals alike. The picturesque scenery of the beach makes it ideal for swimming and coral sighting. With clean blue water contrasting beautifully against the dried trees, uprooted years back, make for a postcard-perfect scenery which gives a unique backdrop to the photographers.

The beach is an ideal location for a daytime getaway. It takes around an hour to reach Wandoor from Port Blair and one can come back to Port Blair the same day after spending few hours on this splendid beach.

Marina Park - Marina Park has a lush green lawn surrounding it, offers a great picnic spot for those who intend to spend the entire day learning about marine life and then relaxing nearby while enjoying the greenery around. Marina Park offers great locations for couple shoots with a backdrop of the Ross Islands which is very close to the city.

Gandhi Park- Located in the centre of Port Blair, provides the kind of peace one seeks, away from the persistent madness of the fast life.

People looking for the perfect way to spend a couple of peaceful, lazy hours can take refuge on the bench under the shade of a tree, lost in the pages of that book you brought along. The Park also has a beautiful lake where one can enjoy boating with their special one. This place offers green lawns and a lake which gives a cinematic view for shooting pre and post-wedding candid films.

Chidiya Tapu - Chidiya Tapu known as the bird island, is located 25 km from Port Blair in the archipelago of Andaman Islands. This is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Andaman.

Chidiya Tapu is loved by nature lovers as well as adventure enthusiasts. The place is well known for its sunset, and taking a photographer to capture few candids along with you is totally worthy.

Carbyns Cove Beach- This is amongst the busiest beaches of Andaman with all the facilities that you might need. The beach is very close to the city and is snaked with a road. There are well-kept restrooms and changing rooms, in case you change your mind and think of trying water rides or dipping into the emerald ocean. This place is among the best and convenient places for photoshoot due to the amazing view of the ocean.

Radhanagar Beach (Havelock)- Radhanagar beach is one of the most popular beaches in India. The beach is situated at a distance of 12 kilometres from the Havelock islands and is a must visit site. The beach is especially popular for couples as it is almost vacant and the serene environment adds to the romance. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the beach is to take a camera and go on a long walk and click photographs amidst the white sands and the blue waters, the sunset at this beach is a marvel to behold.

Laxmanpur Beach- Long stretches of white sand, turquoise blue crystal waters and lush green forest makes it different and mesmerising. The beach is a broad spur of white shell sand with shallow water and offers a good snorkelling option. The beach also gives an impressive sunset view. Corals and sea shells are found in abundance at this seafront, which is often collected as souvenirs by visitors.

The sea is shallow and calm, making it perfect for swimming and snorkelling. This serene beach offers a stunning panorama, especially when the sun sets on the horizon and will be decently crowded during sunsets. There is natural bridge popularly called as Howrah Bridge in Laxmanpur Beach 2. This is one of the most romantic places for photoshoots in Andaman for honeymooners.