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13 Aug, 2018

Photographing at ‘famous locations’ – what you need to know

Magnificent sunsets at Chidiyatapu and Radhanagar Beach, spectacular views at Carbyn Beach, historic architecture at Ross Island and much more has led many couples to believe those places are the best for pre/post wedding photography.

Famous tourist spots are always not ideal for the photoshoot. Why?

Because those locations are usually packed with many tourists. Which makes it difficult to take nice photographs there. A photographer needs to have space to find a good composition but, at a location with hundreds of visitors, this is impossible. Many times couples feel comfortable when there are fewer tourists around them. Apart from these regular tourist spots, Andaman has many, many hidden gems, which you will not find in any guidebook. Those are off the beaten track and are much better suited for you to have the perfect photoshoot. Consult with your photographer about this. Another problem is: quite a lot of photographers use the same locations. For example; Kalapathar Beach, tourists prefer that location to visit and not for photography, ask your photographer about the locations which have become popular for photography. Those locations have become popular not because they are the best locations but because many photographers go there. One photographer following the other, instead of being creative and finding their spots.

Ask your Photographer about these places in Havelock Island apart from the regular tourist Spots- Symphony Palms (Private Beach), Dolphin Beach, Silver Sand (Private Beach), Govind Nagar Beach, Radhanagar Beach (Sunset Shoots etc).