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23 July, 2018

Destination Wedding in Andamans

Every Wedding is special and should be truly magical, unique and create memories which lasts lifetime. Indian weddings are special, full of emotions are colours which don’t fade. Whether you a traditional Indian Wedding or contemporary style wedding, your wedding day should be spectacular. As the concept of destination wedding gaining popularity, new emerging venues and destinations are emerging as favourites. Several wedding couples across the seas are selecting serene beaches of different places for their ultimate wedding destinations.

Dreaming of a romantic destination wedding on a romantic beach on the pristine sands and turquoise blue backdrop, uninterrupted panoramic views which create a fairy tale setting for your wedding.

What are you dreaming? Yes, it’s the Andaman Islands which is emerging as a venue for destination weddings. Ensconced with a palm tree groove, enjoy sea breezes, mesmerizing ocean views and the most exotic island ambience. If you want a wedding away from the bustling of city life and amidst stunning natural beauty and serenity, then Andamans is the place to be.

Andaman Islands are perfect for getting hitched with your loved ones. An isolated charm that lets you focus on nothing but yours would be, then this is the place you are dreaming off.

Our pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear water create a perfect stage for sunset ceremonies. With silk draped tented canopies and exquisite cuisine served under a blanket of stars and candles create the perfect ceremony and reception experience.

Our Island experts are at your service from the moment you enter the Islands. Our wedding specialists are dedicated to ensuring that your celebration is a spectacular and joyous occasion crafted with personal touches and memorable details.

Making a signature statement for your wedding experience including events to venue selection, Food and Beverages, Stay and Accommodation, Parties and other amenities- even your honeymoon. Write us or give us a ring to get all the details to plan your dream wedding true.